Vinny's Sausages - Traditional Family Recipe

Fifty years ago Vincenzo (Vinny) arrived in Milwaukee as a young Sicilian immigrant with his parents and brothers. Vinny’s parents taught him the secrets of traditional Italian cooking and the importance of using all natural ingredients.

As a young boy, Vinny worked in an old fashioned neighborhood Italian deli. There he learned all about imported cheeses, cold cuts, olives, pasta, and spices. Vinny worked his way through college, and upon graduation Vinny and his mentor opened an Italian deli on the southwest side of Milwaukee. In a very short time the deli was well-known for its high quality products from every corner of Milwaukee County and beyond. Everyone loved this great Italian deli.

Vinny soon took his knowledge of all natural meats and spices and applied it to the art of making sausage by hand. Vinny used hand cut pork blended with the highest quality spices to create hand stuffed sausage links. The delightful tasting Vinny’s Sausage was born!

Vinny constantly experimented with his new found passion to create a variety of unique sausage products. He would infuse cheese, sauces, olives, peppers, and unique spice combinations. Vinny loved making special sausage blends to order as each customer could satisfy his sausage craving.

Today, with God’s help, Vinny is providing fresh made high quality sausage to independent pizza restaurants and boutique grocers throughout southeast Wisconsin. Vinny has a reputation of supplying an all natural product at a fair price. No fillers. No preservatives. No MSG. And Gluten Free!

Vinny stays true to his Sicilian roots in his belief that we should only eat fresh natural foods. Still hand linked today, Vinny’s starts with fresh pork and natural ingredients right down to the casings. Try one of Vinny’s sausages for yourself and you will taste the difference.  

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